How to perform during a Job interview

Published: 22nd March 2010
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There are many things, that you can do, that can relieve the pressure off you, during a job interview. The way that you perform, is one of the most important. It's not only, the words, that come out of your mouth, but regularly, has a lot to do with the gestures, that you use.

Interviewers are not just deciding, if you are experienced enough for the job, they are frequently thinking, if you would, get on well, with your new work colleagues. Your character plays a big role, in your interview and can be, the deciding factor, in getting, the job.

Here are some of the smaller things that you should pay really close attention to, during an interview.

You do not want to be chewing gum or sucking, breath mints during your interview. You also don't want to talk in slang, during your interview either. It is unprofessional and disrespectful.

Show self assurance, you cannot participate in an interview, with a loser mentality. You cannot sulk or display too much placidity in your manner. It is not engaging, and does not give the impression, of a person that you want to be with, every day.

Be sure of your capabilities, without being egotistical or too arrogant. You want to let you interviewer know, that you are able, to perform well at your job, without alienating other workers. You should point out your achievements in your career, while staying, a bit humble.

Note your achievements in a matter of fact way, without elaborating, too much.

I know this sounds repetitive, but you can never get this point across, too strongly. Realize that body language, plays, a vital role, in exhibiting, confidence to others. Sit up straight. Exercise good posture, and keep your head up.

Maintain a Positive Attitude.

You should always try to smile and keep a positive outlook, during your interview. If you hear something, that you do not like, don't frown and look annoyed, just keep a slight smile on your face, until it your turn, to talk. Then ask your questions or concerns, when the time is right.

Maintain eye contact, keeping eye contact with your interviewer, is decisive, particularly, when one of you, is talking to the other. If you are looking around the room or at the objects on the interviewer's desk, you will appear, disinterested. Just imagine what your thoughts, would be, if you were talking to an interviewer and they were looking all over the room. You would likely think, that the interview, was over and not successful.

Body Language

We've discussed this a little bit, but you should avoid, some of the common mistakes, that many people make, when they are talking, to others. I've listed, below, some of the usual things, that you should avoid when attending a job interview.

1) Avoid fidgeting while talking to your interviewer. It displays, a lack of self confidence.

2) Avoid talking, while using too many, dramatic hand gestures. It is distracting.

3) Avoid biting your lips in between sentences. It gives the impression that you are guessing and making things up.

4) Do not sit with your arms crossed, because it makes you appear indifferent.

5) Do not shrug your shoulders, when asked a question that you do not understand. Take a second to think of your reply. Shrugging your shoulders, gives the impression that you don't know the answer.

6) Don't answer with nods and shaking, your head. Use your words to answer questions.

7) Get enough sleep, the night before the interview. You don't want to yawn, in front of the interviewer. He or she, will think that you are expressing boredom.

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